Dos and Don’ts about Mobile Apps Development – Tips from App Company in UK

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Dos-and-Don’ts-about-Mobile-Apps-Development-–-Tips-from-App-Company-in-UK (1)

Mobile app has become one of the most successful way to market your products and services with least expense. The best thing that has made this technology so popular is buyers become easily addicted to mobile shopping due to the convenience and as it less distracts the users you can create millions of loyal users quickly. However, as per a reputed mobile apps development company in UK, there are secrets that make an app popular and useful for the company. Here are a few of the major ones.

 Don’t Pack with Features

Features are great to make an app more useful. But, packing one with so many functions and features increases the chance or ‘less used features’ which finally do nothing but making the app heavier. So, keep the app as simple as possible and offer only few but highly useful features.

 Do make it Lightweight

As per statistics apps with bigger size are less downloaded by people than the apps with smaller size. So, it is highly important to keep the apps as small as possible. Instead follow the process to send regular updates to add the features that you couldn’t add in the installer version. Once people fall in love with the app, they never mind to update the app for a few MB.

Don’t Make Signup Lengthy

So many fields with lots of details scares people. As per a web design company in Hayes, websites with longer contact form get least number of messages from visitors. So, how to get the required information? Link them with different pages intelligently part by part and as the user proceeds take the information in installment. They will tell you everything without getting alarmed. It is all about the wire frame you design that will make your job done yet won’t irritate the user.

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