The 3 tools That Take You Higher on Major Search Engines

By - Chris Dutta

3-toolsSEO being a trending topic in the marketing arena, has given a new dimension to business strategies. Considering how this approach is moving forward, opening scope for marketers, the need for topping the SEO ranks remains a priority. It is directly related to increasing revenues and enhancing chances of success. Online footfall is all that one cares for when driving traffic to a website stays as a chief objective. If you want to pursue effective measures for topping the SEO charts, a little help from smart tools can make all the difference. In fact, a majority of analysts are relying on the Digital marketing toolkit.

These key tools are bringing in a difference to digital marketing and have been mentioned here:

Google Analytics: This is one of the most reliable traffic tracking programs that help get an overall picture of the traffic pattern that occurred in the past months. Most importantly Google Analytics is an integrated program which comprises other programs like Adsense and also AdWords.


Microsoft SEO Toolkit: The SEO toolkit encompasses various essential modules like Robots Exclusion, Site Analysis and Sitemaps. Site Indexes is also included in the list and all of these tools are offering detailed analysis and editing benefits to help the crawlers and Sitemaps work properly.


SEMRush: For an effective result get the SEMRush installed on your computer. The business revenue enhancer doesn’t come free of cost. It effectively lets you conduct keyword research, checking banklinks, tracking keyword rank, and also running an SEO audit for a blog.


With smart tools coming in businesses are able to achieve what they aim for. So when you are appointing a digital marketing agency in UK ensure that the company is serving you with quality SEO marketing services.

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