The Secret of Designing an Efficient Logo for Your Business

By - Sketch Web Solutions UK

The Secret of Designing an Efficient Logo for Your Business

Eye is the most important sensory organ that helps us to learn and memorize the things around us. Yes, our visual memory is very stronger and that is why influencing a visitor to buy a certain product is much easier by showing a video than a long content.

While we design a logo in Sketch, we pay special attention to the above mentioned facts. Our aim remains to create a logo that is highly attractive, easy-to-memorize and well expressive. Depending upon the business type, target audience and the company name we follow some basic rules which are given below.

 Target Audience

Every effort that we put into a business is for the target audience. So, when we design a logo for a website or a business, we should keep that in mind. A logo for kid’s online learning portal should be totally different from a website of a car dealer. While the first one should be funny, easy-going and catchy, the second demands a professional look with good dignity.

 Image, Text or Both

Logo doesn’t always require an image – there are a lot of brand examples that are highly popular with their text based logo. In the same time, you can instantly name several brand logos that has not text at all. However, in general we prefer to create logo with a small artwork along with a text, mostly the company name.


Color gives life to any artwork. But, it makes the design a bit informal or casual. If you want the corporate dignity, you should go for mono colored, mainly black and white, logo that fits perfectly with most of the background and are even easy to print on papers.

 Font Style

Today we have a wide range of Fonts available in Adobe Illustrator and we can add several more from internet. But, those who want something special, experienced companies like Sketch provides handcrafted fonts that can give your logo a unique identity among the crowd.

 2D or 3D

While 3D has become obsolete several years ago, if you think that it is necessary to reflect your business identity, there is no harm on creating 3D logo design. But, don’t forget to consider the printability of the logo so that you don’t need to change it again.

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